Transcriptions from audio/video support

To transform your audio or video file into a written text or to add subtitles in any language

To transform any audio or video document into a written text
To add subtitles in any language to video documents

  • Transcription services
  • Transcription of conference documents
  • Online video post-production, advertising and television/film sectors

The latest technology for a perfect service

LINK-UP uses a specialist team and the latest technological tools for this type of service.
The documents transcribed, in the formats required (Word, Excel, .txt, etc.), are created quickly and with great precision.

On request, they can be translated into any language.
We also offer a video subtitling services in any language and to/from any support

• Providing the service via: Email, We Transfer, CD-ROM, DVD, FTP,  
• Operating systems: Windows, Macintosh

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Transcriptions from any format 

      • mp3;
      • AVI;
      • ASF, WMA, WMV;
      • MP4, 3GP, MOV;
      • OGG, OGM, Annodex;
      • Matroska (MKV);
      • Real;
      • WAV (including DTS);
      • Audio Raw: DTS, AAC, AC3/A52;
      • Raw DV;
      • FLAC;
      • FLV (Flash);
      • MXF;
      • Nut;
      • MIDI/SMF;
      • Creative Voice.
  • Membership

  • Unilingue
  • Euatc
  • Confindustria Servizi
  • Trados

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