Professional voiceovers

Male and female voices in all languages

For promotional messages, corporate videos, multimedia products and online broadcasts.
Like people, companies are “all different in nature, attitude and style”. Each one expresses itself through the objects and services it produces, but also by choosing its own particular “communication method”.


New voices, new opportunities, new markets...

Creating an audio/video or multimedia product is one of the most effective ways of communicating an image in an impactful and attractive manner. 

Communicating in a global market also means highlighting your strengths and all those characteristics capable of increasing your visibility on overseas markets.
At the same time, there are cases in which it is necessary to adapt any audio, video or multimedia product to the Italian market.
Thanks to its staff of mother tongue voice-over professionals, Link-Up can provide a wide range of male and female voices in any language. 
You will not only have a voice, but also some important advice to make your communication on your target markets even more successfully.

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Audio formats available and providing the service

The service is provided in a recording studio, guaranteeing the highest technical quality currently available.
The final product comprises a ready-to-use master file, produced in the required format.

MP3, Wave, AIFF, ALAW (EU telephony format), ensoniq paris (*.paf), Original Sound Quality (*.osq), Sound Designer II (*.sd2), Sun/Java (*.au, *.snd), ULAW (US telephony format), ULAW-WAV (US telephony format).

  • Services provided via: WeTransfer, CD-ROM, DVD, FTP
  • Operating systems: Windows, Macintosh


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