Interpretation services in all languages

We offer all types of professional interpreting services

  • For business meetings, conferences and business trips in Italy
  • Interpretation services (business/liaison, simultaneous, consecutive, whispered/chuchotage)
  • Videoconferencing interpretation services (Skype conference calls)
  • Hire of simultaneous translation equipment (booths, headsets), portable bidule appliances and technical equipment

Various types of interpretation services


Simultaneous interpretation, generally used for large conferences or meetings, takes place in soundproofed booths equipped with headsets and a microphone. The interpreter translates a speech, almost simultaneously, into another language. Normally, two interpreters are needed for each booth, working for a maximum of 7 hours per day. A single interpreter, working alone, can only provide services for approximately 1 hour.


Business interpreting

This is perhaps the most common form of interpreting and guarantees informal understanding for small groups of people. It is ideal for technical and commercial meetings or during fairs and other events.

Video-conferencing interpretation services via Skype conference call

Exploiting latest technology (VoIP), it is now possible to communicate via video-conference to one or more interlocuters in other countries.
The service uses the language mediation of our interpreters in a simple and safe manner, without the need to travel.

Link-Up has always prided itself on analysing every project in detail, in order to successfully match the event with the ideal interpreter.

Choosing the right interpreter for the job means assessing much more than mere language skills, focusing also on the psychological and ethical qualities that a particular situation demands.


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The languages we offer:

LINK-UP works internationally at the highest levels, providing interpreting services in every sector with professionals specialising in all disciplines.

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How we work: every single interpreting project is entrusted to a project manager that analyses all the elements involved – timescale, type of service required, language combinations, logistical aspects, financial aspects.

All our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy and confidentiality for any information they make become aware of whilst carrying out their work.

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