Conference assistance services

Interpreters, hostesses and technical equipment for successful events

• Interpreters in all language combinations
• Hostess services for congresses, conferences, seminars, workshops and other events
• Simultaneous translation equipment hire
• Portable bidule simultaneous translation appliance hire
• PC and laptop hire 
• Sound amplification systems
• High-definition digital projection equipment (wide screens, video walls, etc.)
• Special lighting equipment

Link-Up offers bespoke solutions designed to meet all requirements.

Conferences, conventions, corporate dinners, trade fair events, sports events – a wide range of occasions that Link-Up constantly monitors, creating perfect synergy with clients. Collaborating with a team of professional translators and interpreters, Link-Up puts its language and organisational skills and know-how to great use, to ‘translate’ every event into a great success.

As well as providing interpreting and conference assistance services, Link-Up also offers clients the opportunity to hire all the technical equipment necessary to host events. Furthermore, on request, we can also provide IT systems and all the audio-visual and lighting equipment necessary for any event. 
Choosing the team of interpreters best suited to a conference is key, as is the quality of the technical equipment used and the role played by an expert sound technician – these will all determine the success of your event. 
Don’t leave the organisation of your event to chance – our know-how and long-standing experience, along with the latest technology are here to help you implement your communication strategy quickly and successfully. Achieving perfect synergy with our clients and collaborators is key to our philosophy and that’s why we invite you to contact us for a quote or for any more further information you may require.

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Technical notes for simultaneous translations offered by Link-up

An international event demands professional interpreters, a good simultaneous translation system and competent technicians.

  • Our cabins all comply with existing ISO standards.
  • Management of the system hired will always be entrusted to a member of our staff who is a professional technician and who will guarantee its correct functioning throughout the event.
  • Distribution of headphones and receivers to conference participants can be entrusted to one or more professional hostesses provided by our agency.


For immediate information contact us on: +39 3334873291. 

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